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Infinity Roses

Posted by Mahdi Fattahi on
Best, unique, special and surprise gift for girlfriend, love, wife and mother
Infinity Roses:
All of us humans want all the right things around us to be infinity
It has happened to all of us that we have received a bouquet as a gift. In a short time, all those beautiful flowers have withered. We regret that their life was not infinity and everlasting.
The flower, this most beautiful creature of God, a symbol of freshness and beautiful, ends and dries up quickly. In ancient Persian culture, a proverb says, "be a flower, but your life is not like a flower." It is an example of the concept that a flower with all its beauty has a short life and is not infinity, now and in our time. Following human beings' long-standing desire to be immortal and everlasting, their belongings have succeeded in creating flowers with infinity and eternal life associated with the memories of our beautiful days for many years.


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