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Forever Roses

. Leave the repetitions behind and experience a privileged style with Eros.

. A handmade box from natural wood, leather, and handy casting metal accessories.

. 24 pieces of forever roses (XL Size) 100% natural roses that can live for 3 years.

. 21 pieces of nice & special Chocolates.

. A stunning wooden plate curved from special roots of the tree, and your note or quotes will be graved on it.

. Luxury packing in fabric cover inside a unique gift box.

. Fast & Free shipping to all over the world.

Forever Roses:

All of us humans want all the right things around us to be Forever
It has happened to all of us that we have received a bouquet as a gift. In a short time, all those beautiful flowers have withered. We regret that their life was not Forever and everlasting.
The flower, this most beautiful creature of God, a symbol of freshness and beautiful, ends and dries up quickly. In ancient Persian culture, a proverb says, "be a flower, but your life is not like a flower." It is an example of the concept that a flower with all its beauty has a short life and is not Forever, now and in our time. Following human beings' long-standing desire to be immortal and everlasting, their belongings have succeeded in creating flowers with Forever and eternal life associated with the memories of our beautiful days for many years.

Luxury Flower Box:

Some people are looking for luxury flower boxes and luxury gifts to buy and prepare flower boxes and gifts. Luxury and unique gifts
Accordingly, our company / Luxury Flower Box Introduces Eros to you
This luxury flower box and the luxury gift is a collection of Infinity roses, delicious and unique chocolates in a handmade wooden box and 100% natural leather elements and handmade metal accessories, and exquisite and unique wooden plates to record your congratulatory message and The packaging are very stylish, which is designed and produced with very high accuracy and high quality.

A Surprising Gift:

A surprising gift for your beloved ones, your girlfriend, wife, or mother: let me assist you in this regard; you agree that giving a present is not as important as you know when or how to give it, and the most important is which kind of gift is suitable for your surprising plan. The first two answers are up to you, but the last answer is our proficiency. A surprising gift must be full of feelings, must be eye-catching and luxury and, of course, need to be unique, and that is the moment you can hear your beloved one's loud voice of "WOW" we also congratulate it to you.